Testing. Testing. Testing.

Problem: How do Hospitality Brands connect deeper with consumers at the retail point of sale?
Solution: Maintain Brand presence at the point of sale through mobile access to consumers
The opportunity is in the hospitality industry’s need to leverage the power of loyalty for growth. We have learned the value of affinity, behavior alignment and the user’s unapologetic demand for ease of use. The devil is in the details. Taking a 3 step process into a seamless 1 step experience.
The insights we have learned along the way grew only after testing and testing again. We have had a few good offers to take this engagement driver to the next level, but we are taking advantage of market conditions to get smart and extend our learning to provide value to our stakeholders.
DoDrinks will be back at the bar faster than a flip-cup competition, ready with the next round, in ways you did not expect.